ABB Robotics offers 'Productivity Days' in October 2006

08 September 2006

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ABB will host 'Productivity Days' on 4/5 October 2006, at the ABB Robotics Centre, Milton Keynes, UK.

'Take a day-off... and improve your productivity' is very much the emphasis for the two days. Underlining this is the fact that many manufacturing and production managers believe, quite erroneously, that they are just too busy to take time out to investigate simple and relatively inexpensive productivity enhancements that could significantly improve their productivity and overall equipment effectiveness.

ABB's message is simple: take the day off and visit the ABB Robotics Centre at Milton Keynes - your time will be well rewarded!

On hand will be ABB's UK Robotics' team offering in-depth, one-to-one advice on all aspects of robot operation and training, plus a diverse range of product demonstrations, as well as exhibits and technical briefings geared to improving productivity in all industry sectors.

Heading up the product demonstrations is the MiniFlex system, a powerful and innovative robotic parts feeder based around an advanced vision system and ABB's compact six-axis robot, the IRB 140. The system is marketed in the UK and demonstrated at Milton Keynes by ABB's channel partner, RNA Automation of Castle Bromwich.

Demonstrations of ABB's 'Service Technologies' range will also take place, including ABB SmartSpares, ABB AnyWhere and ABB WebWare.

SmartSpares is a simple and effective way to manage and track the usage of critical automation spares, to ensure that parts are easily accessible when they are needed most - namely during a breakdown.

ABB Anywhere is a robot remote fault diagnosis and service tool designed to remotely connect the manufacturer's robot production cell with the local ABB Customer Support Desk - thereby streamlining the way that robot problems are diagnosed and solved.

WebWare is a software product that helps customers keep track of their production resources by gathering data from ABB controllers, PLCs, and other plant floor devices - thereby safeguarding and optimising robot investments.

Interactive one-to-one demonstrations of RobotStudio, ABB's offline programming software, will be carried out throughout each of the days. By programming robots offline using this inexpensive software, 'virtual' trials and development can take place in parallel to system build or modification, so that production can start or resume earlier and hence reduce product time to market.

Innovative welding processes will also be featured including Cold Metal Transfer and Friction Stir.

Formal training of personnel is a legal requirement under health and safety legislation, and, irrespective of the legalities, properly trained personnel are a prudent investment because they are more efficient, more productive and safer in their work. Dedicated training staff will be attending the Productivity Days to discuss with customers their requirements and explain the courses on offer at ABB's state-of the-art robot training centre. Hands-on sessions are also available.

All those with an interest in improving manufacturing efficiency through robotics, or improving the efficiency of existing robot manufacturing cells, are cordially invited to attend the ABB Robotics 'Productivity Days'.

To register, telephone +44 (0)1908 350300 or email: .

ABB Automation Technologies (Drives and Motors)visit website
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