Frost & Sullivan Emerging Technologies Awards 2006

12 December 2006

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Frost & Sullivan presented twenty-five awards at its prestigious 2006 Emerging Technologies Awards Banquet held in Central London on the evening of Tuesday 5 December. Awards were presented for excellence in technological and product innovation across such diverse fields as homeland security, ambient intelligence, email firewalls, reproductive monitoring and 3G-network technologies.

Technology innovation awards went to AltoBridge, Clearswift Limited, AlgoNomics NV, HotSip AB, OrSense, EBI Food Safety BV, EMITALL Surveillance and Glycominds Limited, while DIMACO UK Limited, Eurotech SpA, Convergin, SenseAir, Modulight, Inc. Lipid Nutrition BV received recognition for its pioneering product developments. DxS Limited, Aquanova, MediaCrypt - Nagravison, NICE Systems Ltd, Ubisense and Bizanga Ltd were commended for their technological excellence.

The coveted 2006 Frost & Sullivan Technology Leadership Award was presented to Siemens AG, Power Transmission and Distribution for its achievements in the field of substation automation. MOLOGEN Holding AG, Miltenyi Biotec, Astron Clinica and Trig Medical Ltd were recognised for their successes in the fields of vector technologies for gene therapy and genetic vaccination, life sciences and pharmaceuticals, skin imaging technology and labour monitoring technologies, respectively.

Delivering the keynote speech on 'Investing in Central Europe - Why Now?', Mr Mathew Hill, a leading coach, consultant and inter-cultural trainer for multi-national businesses, examined the challenges and opportunities offered by the EU's newest member states: "Central Europe offers multiple benefits ranging from an educated population fluent in major languages such as English, German and French, good tax incentives and production costs that are often 40 per cent lower than in the west, to easy geographical access to numerous economically promising countries together with a prospective consumer base of 130 million people."

However, warning of the perils of the 'invisible culture' of the region, Mr Hill stressed that entrants needed to do their homework and prepare for the challenges ahead: "Building trust, adapting your message to regional particularities, ensuring a smooth cultural translation from the western to the central and eastern worlds, and leveraging the advantages of well-experienced personnel familiar with change will be vital to capitalising on growth opportunities in central Europe."

The following is a complete list of award recipients:

  • 2006 Technology Innovation Award - AltoBridge
  • 2006 Technology Innovation Award - Clearswift Limited
  • 2006 Technology Innovation Award - AlgoNomics NV
  • 2006 Product Innovation Award - DIMACO UK Limited
  • 2006 Technology Innovation Award - HotSip AB
  • 2006 Excellence in Technology Award - DxS Limited
  • 2006 Excellence in Technology Award - Aquanova
  • 2006 Technology Leadership Award - Siemens AG, Power Transmission and Distribution
  • 2006 Product Innovation Award - Eurotech SpA
  • 2006 Product Innovation Award - Convergin
  • 2006 Technology Innovation Award - EBI Food Safety BV
  • 2006 Technology Innovation Award - EMITALL Surveillance
  • 2005 Excellence in Technology Award - MediaCrypt - Nagravison
  • 2006 Excellence in Technology Award - NICE Systems Ltd
  • 2006 Product Innovation Award - SenseAir
  • 2006 Product Innovation Award - Ubisense
  • 2006 Technology Innovation Award - OrSense
  • 2006 Product Innovation Award - Modulight Inc
  • 2006 Technology Innovation Award - Glycominds Limited
  • 2006 Product Innovation Award - Lipid Nutrition BV
  • 2006 Excellence in Technology Award - Bizanga Ltd
  • 2006 Vector Technologies for Gene Therapy and Genetic Vaccination-Technoloy Innovation of the Year Award - MOLOGEN Holding AG
  • 2006 European Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals - Product Innovation of the Year Award - Miltenyi Biotec
  • 2006 Novel Skin Imaging Technology - European Technology Innovation of the Year Award -Astron Clinica
  • 2006 Labour Monitoring Technologies - European Technology Innovation of the Year Award -Trig Medical Ltd
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