Jobshop 9.3.1 to be shown at Southern Manufacturing

03 January 2007

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Jobshop 9.3.1, the latest release of HRS's high-capability manufacturing and production control system, will be demonstrated for the first time on Stand J50 at the forthcoming Southern Manufacturing Show - taking place at Thorpe Park in Surrey, UK, on 7 and 8 February 2007.

Incorporating a new interface to Configur8or, an industry-leading software package for product and service configuration, estimating, quoting, specifying, ordering and manufacturing, Jobshop 9.3.1 builds on its proven reputation as an easy-to-use, yet powerful and comprehensive business management system. It is particularly strong in the areas of shop floor data collection, MRP, scheduling, reporting and financial management - enabling organisations of all sizes to harness the full potential of their manufacturing resources. The new link to Configur8or both streamlines Jobshop's operation and reinforces its ability to reduce users' operating costs and increase their profitability.

Further new functionality introduced in Jobshop 9.3.1 includes enhanced contract control, as well as the ability to analyse project costs under as many cost centres as required, compare actual to budgeted expenditure and accurately forecast costs to project completion. In addition, Jobshop 9.3.1 ensures Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) payment compliance and manages requests for stage payments or other 'non delivery' invoicing activities.

Designed and developed using a powerful 4GL programming tool kit, Jobshop is a true Windows application, providing customers with an intuitive and fully definable desktop environment. 'Drag and drop' commands and Windows 'Explorer' type Treeview BOM displays allow the fast and accurate creation - and checking - of all levels within the product structure; along with instant updating of Bills of Material to accommodate customer-specified options. Jobshop also features hot key searches, rapid 'drill down' tools for instant access to required data, and the power of Crystal Reports to enable analyses to be customised quickly and easily to individual user requirements.

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