Brainboxes serial cards approved for Windows Vista

15 December 2006

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Brainboxes has been working closely with Microsoft for the past 18 months to ensure that customers can migrate seamlessly to Windows Vista with full confidence that their serial requirements will be met.

Windows Vista is available to consumers from the end of January 2007, but the RTM (Release To Manufacturing) release version of Windows Vista, for manufacturers, occurred in early December. To meet this release date, Brainboxes was ready with a Microsoft Approved and Signed driver for both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Vista.

Stephen Evans, Managing Director of Brainboxes, states: "We have worked very hard over recent months to ensure that customers purchasing our products can use them in the latest Windows Vista PCs. To ensure the best user experience, Microsoft does not allow installation of products without approval into the 64bit version of Windows Vista. Customers can buy our products safe in the knowledge that we have had this approval from Day One.

"Software engineers and testers from the R&D team attended two Windows Vista 'Logo-fest' events in Taipei and Düsseldorf to work with Microsoft Engineers on testing their drivers as well as a 'Plug Fest' event in Redmond WA (the home of Microsoft's Operations). Here Brainboxes' products were tested in Windows Vista for compatibility with many other manufacturers' systems."

Brainboxes has its Windows Vista Drivers on Windows Update, providing a customer experience in line with the 'Devices Just Work' ethos that Microsoft has adopted for the Windows Vista release.

Brainboxes' latest signed Release Candidate driver package is now available for download. This is suitable for all UC, UP, PM and CC part code serial cards in:

  • Windows Vista 32-bit
  • Windows Vista 64-bit
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