UKIVA Director registers as Framework 7 Expert

14 February 2007

UKIVA (UK Industrial Vision Association)visit website


Don Braggins, the UKIVA Director, has registered to join a database of independent experts for the European Union's Framework 7 initiative. Framework 7 is the next of the European Union's research and technological development programmes and will run from 2007 to 2013. The Framework programmes are the EU's main method for funding research in Europe, aimed at making or maintaining the EU as a world leader in specific sectors.

Experts from the database can be called upon to assist in the evaluation of proposals in line with the various scientific, technological and socioeconomic aims of Framework 7, or to assist in monitoring projects selected and funded by the Community. In addition, Experts may become involved in monitoring the implementation, evaluation and assessment of impacts of RTD programmes and policies.

Don Braggins comments: "Naturally my area of expertise lies in machine vision, and I have registered as an Expert because the research programme includes a number of core photonic components and subsystems, which are essential in multiple application fields. Of particular relevance to machine vision are: high brightness, power-efficient solid-state light sources for ICT and general lighting applications, high-performance image sensors, and sensors exploiting innovative sensing principles".

UKIVA (UK Industrial Vision Association)visit website
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