Thermal imaging training course schedule for 2012

08 February 2011

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Thermal imaging training course schedule for 2012FLIR Systems has applied the same upgrade path to its training as it does to its thermal imaging camera models. Its 2012 training schedule introduces a range of short courses, dedicated application courses as well as certification courses for Level 1 and Level 2 thermography.

Thermal imaging cameras are getting smarter and easier to use, even at entry-level stage. The software that drives this functionality is becoming increasing more powerful. And both are now easily affordable resulting in the technology being applied more widely than ever before. However, this flexible, inexpensive and accessible technology is only fully effective in the hands of a properly trained user. So, it is especially important that training should be planned with the purchase of every camera.

All training is managed and conducted via FLIR’s EMEA training arm, the Infrared Training Centre (ITC), whose role is to ensure those who use thermal imaging, do so in complete safety and with all the knowledge they need to get the best return on their camera investment.

Course Dates for 2012 are:

  • March: Dedicated electrical and HVAC short courses to June
  • April: Short courses, introduction to thermography and building thermography to July
  • May: Level 1 and 2 courses
  • June: Getting started in thermography/software introduction via distributors
  • July to year end: To be announced

Items new to the ITC 2012 programme include short courses on basic and building thermography. Also available are one-day courses on software technology and HVAC and electrical applications. Full details of courses can be found at

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