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16 March 2007

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Free machine accident investigation kit - just in case...Procter Machinery Guarding is publishing a new version of its popular Machine Accident Investigation Kit (MAIK) that helps small and medium-sized manufacturing companies perform investigations so that they meet their statutory obligations and prevent similar accidents from occurring in the future.

Version 2 has been completely redesigned and updated, though it retains the previous format of introductory notes, useful resources and forms that can be completed 'on screen' or by hand. Furthermore, it is still free of charge.

Minor accidents almost inevitably occur from time to time when using machinery, resulting in injuries ranging from grazed knuckles to much worse. Every company should have an Accident Book to record such events, but a formal accident investigation helps to establish exactly what happened and why, so that action can be taken to prevent similar occurrences in the future. This is not only good health and safety management, but fewer accidents mean less lost time - and therefore improved profitability.

Available for free

Various paper-based forms and software packages can be purchased for investigating accidents, but the Machine Accident Investigation Kit (MAIK) is offered free of charge by Procter Machinery Guarding to help small and medium-sized enterprises in the UK investigate machine-related accidents in the workplace. While it is aimed primarily at manufacturing companies, other organisations using machinery could find it equally helpful.

The kit is supplied as a Microsoft Word document that can either be worked through on a PC or printed out and used manually. It includes forms for recording what happened - so that the root cause can be identified - and for taking statements from the injured person as well as any witnesses, supervisors, line managers and others. The information recorded will meet the requirements of most leading insurers.

Guidance and useful resources

For those not familiar with accident investigation procedures, the kit also contains guidance notes. In addition, a list of useful resources is provided, including some from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) that relate to accidents. If the kit is being used on a PC, hyperlinks can be used to gain direct access to the resources available on the internet.

Jeremy Procter, Convenor of the European Standards Committee responsible for Machine Guards and Managing Director of Procter Machinery Guarding, states: "Having talked to numerous managers in manufacturing companies where there have been accidents involving machinery, I believe there is a genuine need for this type of Machine Accident Investigation Kit. People do not generally want to alert the health and safety authorities to the fact that they have had an accident; and while they have a desire to do the right thing, they do not know where to turn for help. I sincerely hope that the Machine Accident Investigation Kit will help manufacturing companies perform effective investigations that will result in action being taken to prevent future accidents."

To request a free copy of the updated Machine Accident Investigation Kit, simply send an email to or download a copy now from the Free Downloads section of the company's website.

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