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24 April 2007

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EWAB Engineering Ltd is promoting its numerous automation and conveyor systems that are suitable for a vast range of industrial, automotive, aerospace, food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.

Pallet systems

EWAB launched its first pallet system onto the market in 1978. Thanks to continuous development work, these pallet systems for industrial assembly and production lines are still more than ever the 'state of the art'. The workpiece carriers (pallets) are transported on the chain solely by friction, which means that a continuous transport process can be provided. Because the system is not bound by predetermined timing, the availability of an assembly or production line is considerably increased.

Carrier systems

There is almost nothing the carrier systems developed by EWAB cannot handle. Whether used in industrial assembly or production lines, they safely convey even heavyweight workpieces with asymmetrical centres of gravity to their intended destination. The weight of the goods to be transported is distributed on side rollers in the case of carrier systems. However, drive is by means of friction in relation to the chain, where a spring-mounted attachment ensures continuity of flow. Because the system is not bound by predetermined timing, the availability of an assembly or production line is greatly increased.

Food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical systems

EWAB transport systems for the packaging and food industry are certainly not afraid of getting wet. Thorough cleaning, both wet and dry, is made easier by special profiles. Provisions are made for fast, optimum hygiene. The non-rusting food systems are also available with an integrated cleaning system. Products are transported directly on the plastic chain. Depending on size and requirements, different chain widths and special coatings are used, enabling inclines of up to 45 degrees to be used.

Robot cells

The closed loop of one or more robots is referred to as a robot cell. These are used in order to automate repetitive work processes. Handling tasks include the loading and unloading of machinery, stations and containers, and also material flow systems. These all-rounders in the machinery fleet can also handle whole processes, such as deburring, cleaning, assembly or packing products. Six freely programmable axes permit great flexibility. The end-of-arm tooling (often a gripper) is specifically designed and produced in line with the application. When they are used to pack workpieces, containers or tools, every requirement is met.

Other systems available from EWAB Engineering include roller conveyors, handling, stacking, testing and peripheral devices - such as, cleaning, vacuum extracting, testing and component marking.

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