BS EN ISO 8501-4:2006 - preparation of steel surfaces

21 June 2007

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BSi has published BS EN ISO 8501-4:2006 Preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products. Visual assessment of surface cleanliness. Initial surface conditions, preparation grades and flash rust grades in connection with high-pressure water jetting

BS EN ISO 8501-4 specifies the preparation grades for steel surfaces after removal/partial removal of water-soluble contaminants, rust, previous paint coatings and foreign matter by high-pressure water jetting.

This A5 hardback book will be of use to contractors, specifiers and inspectors in a range of industries, who are responsible for defining the degree of surface preparation required by high-pressure water jetting, including marine, bridges, chemical plants, refineries, and civil engineering.

It contains 23 colour photographs to be used to quality-check the prepared steel surfaces before paint is applied.

BS EN ISO 8501-4 (ISBN 978 0 580 50148 7) is trilingual (English, French and German).

Price: £264 + P&P or £132 for members of BSi.

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