CiA unveils new and updated CANopen specifications

03 July 2007

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The CAN in Automation (CiA) non-profit organisation has released several new and updated CANopen specifications.

Most important of these is the CiA 311 XML electronic data sheet (EDS) specification. This defines the XML scheme to be used for the electronic description of CANopen devices. The specification is based on the ISO 15745 standard. In the future, XML electronic data sheets will substitute the well-known ASCII-based EDS as specified in CiA 306. EDS are used by configuration, diagnostic, or testing tools to get information about the CANopen device to be configured, diagnosed, or tested.

The CiA 414-1/2 device profile specifications describe the CANopen interface for weaving machine feeders. They cover simple feeder devices as well as sophisticated multi-feeder devices. Holger Zeltwanger, CiA

Managing Director, comments: "This device profile is the first for modular weaving machines. We are going to develop further device profiles for modular machines, eg for printing, packaging, and other industries."

The CiA 425-2 profile for contrast media injectors has also been updated. Version 2.0.1 is going to be implemented by several American, European and Japanese injector manufacturers as well as by several companies producing image processing medical devices. It is the first profile in the range of add-on devices for computer tomography, magnetic resonator, and angiography. It also could be used for ultrasonic devices.

Lastly, the updated and reviewed CiA 303-1 recommendation describing the pin assignment for several connectors contains the first Chinese connector. This three-pin connector (em069A-3) is dedicated to low-cost devices. The recommendation contains more than 20 connectors to be used for CANopen devices.

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