Hoerbiger-Origa improves servicing of rodless cylinders

13 July 2007

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Hoerbiger-Origa improves servicing of rodless cylindersHoerbiger-Origa has redefined the service and support levels that it provides to users of its rodless pneumatic cylinders. Designed to help customers maximise the service life and operating efficiency of rodless cylinders, the new service will most notably reduce machinery downtime while discouraging unauthorised repairs.

The manufacturer's full warranty will be maintained, while the added value of Hoerbiger-Origa's extensive knowledge of rodless cylinder installations will ensure a successful outcome.

By returning cylinders to Hoerbiger-Origa for servicing, they can be certain that only original parts are used and that the product is fully inspected to check the integrity of all critical components and finally tested to meet original performance specifications. An additional benefit is the expert evaluation of 'wear characteristics' that can reveal errors in set-up or changes that have been made to increase throughput (particularly higher loads and operating speeds). As a result, Hoerbiger-Origa can often recommend simple changes, adjustments or improvements to the installation. Alternatively it may suggest a product upgrade to improve productivity and service life.

24-hour turnaround

Responding to the ever-increasing demand to minimise downtime, reduce maintenance inventories and reduced MRO personnel resources, Hoerbiger-Origa says that the majority of repairs are turned around within 24 hours. In the past, delays have mostly been caused by waiting for authorisation; to overcome this, the company now operates a policy of inclusive replacement of all necessary components within a standard charge.

The service programme has also been specifically structured to make it commercially attractive to use authorised service companies. Over the years, Hoerbiger-Origa has experienced the return of poorly repaired units that have been serviced with non-original parts that inevitably fail prematurely. Quite apart from the safety considerations that relate to non-warranted repairs, the Hoerbiger-Origa Service and Repair offering is economic and gives peace-of-mind.

Part of the management of Hoerbiger-Origa's service and repair function is to offer five levels of support so that customers can have the most appropriate response.

Managing Director Ray Barnes explains: "We will support users in undertaking their own repairs with service kits that included clear step-by-step instructions; offer a warranted repair in a two-day turnaround; while-you-wait repairs for emergency work; and on-site repairs for very long cylinders. Additionally we have an out-of-hours service, for the real high-pressure jobs, such as where the continuous process industries or automotive giants must have plant working all the time. In these cases flexibility is the key and we must respond to their requirement to return a product, if necessary, in the small hours and have it turned around on a while-you-wait basis."

Hoerbiger-Origa has set itself the target of being able to respond within customers' own time frame. Barnes says: "Users tend to see rodless cylinders as bespoke specials and therefore expect to have to put up with long lead times. We have always been able to surprise them when we have said that we can produce them in less than a week and even satisfy emergencies on a same day basis."

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