Bosch Rexroth to showcase expertise in renewables

10 August 2007

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At Offshore Europe 2007, Bosch Rexroth will highlight its commitment to the renewable energy sector and promote new technology in an area where technological advances can lead to a more sustainable future. The exhibits on the Bosch Rexroth stand have been selected to show not only the company's highly innovative technology and products but also the technical excellence of its products and services and the way in which they are matched to genuine customer requirements.

Featured on the stand, and providing an excellent example of this commitment to developing new technology for renewable energy, will be Rexroth's systems for wind energy. Showcased will be its hydraulic systems for controlling pitch and speed in wind turbines.

Rexroth's electrohydraulic pitch cylinders and hydraulic units for controlling brake systems are compact in design and provide a reliable store of energy for emergency stops. Offering precise controllability, integrated safety functions and a long service life, they are suitable for extreme environmental conditions as experienced by offshore wind turbines.

Visitors to the stand will also be able to find out about Rexroth's new generation of rotating Active Heave Compensators (AHCs) and its modular deck mating systems.

Rexroth offers a complete range of high dynamic AHC systems, fully equipped for the future demands of the maritime industry. The fast, responsive AHC systems, built from proven drive technology and advanced control systems, make sure unexpected and damaging reactions of the load do not occur. The active heave compensators and deck mating and removal systems developed by Bosch Rexroth are characterised by sophisticated combinations of measuring and control technology and reliable hydraulics and are successfully applied on a worldwide level. The Rexroth deck mating concept is modular, allowing for systems that can be built quickly and economically in any desired capacity and configuration.

Also in the spotlight on the Bosch Rexroth stand will be its A4CSG pump with EPG control and sensors. In addition to the standard pressure and temperature measurements, Rexroth's A4CSG pump takes noise measurements to provide highly effective condition monitoring. Preventative fault detection and therefore the prevention of unscheduled maintenance is made possible, resulting in lower operating and maintenance costs.

Throughout the exhibition, experts from Rexroth will be on hand to discuss the company's products and services with visitors, and to provide detailed advice for specific applications.

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