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20 August 2007

UKIVA (UK Industrial Vision Association)visit website


Reflecting the growing stature of its website as a focal point for anyone interested in imaging and its applications in industry and science, the UKIVA is now allowing job vacancies from non-members to be posted on the 'jobs' page on its website (

Don Braggins, UKIVA Director, says: "Visits to the UKIVA website have been growing steadily for more than a year and we now attract in excess of 6000 visitors per month. Recent statistics show that the jobs page is the second largest entry page to the site after the home page and has about 4-500 visitors per month.

"This further reinforces the view that vision is a growing industry in its own right in the UK. We have posted four jobs in the last month and feedback from members suggests that we are attracting applicants of a high calibre. In addition, we regularly receive unsolicited CVs from job seekers which we circulate to members, so it is clear that the page is held in high regard by the industry as a whole".

The latest beneficiary of the process was Machine Vision Technology (MVT) Ltd, a UKIVA member, which has just recruited a graduate from Cardiff University for the position of Vision Applications Engineer. Brian Castelino, MVT Director, says: "We have been members of the UKIVA for ten years and have been delighted with the facilities we receive. Recruiting via the UKIVA website was extremely easy and we received much more relevant applicants than we have when using recruitment agencies in the past."

While the jobs service remains free to UKIVA members, there will be a small charge for non-members. The facility of posting jobs on the website free of charge is just one of the many benefits of UKIVA membership; other membership benefits include having an individual page on the website, access to sales enquiries generated by the Association's publicity activities and the opportunity to participate in the Association's seminar programmes.

UKIVA (UK Industrial Vision Association)visit website
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