See how to use robot vision for random bin picking

27 September 2007

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Random bin picking - ie the ability of vision-guided robot arms to locate and pick individual parts from a haphazard pile - has previously been thought to be all but impossible. However, a new development in robot vision means that manufacturers can, at last, make great savings because incoming loads no longer need to be unpacked by manual workers.

Scorpion Vision Software now includes a 3D add-on module for combining a number of cameras for stereo vision and 3D modelling. This is shortly to be enhanced with 3D vision for random bin picking. Scorpion Vision has therefore scheduled a free robot vision workshop event to coincide with the launch of this technology.

The event will demonstrate Scorpion Vision software and its use with robots. Using ABB's robot training suite in Milton Keynes, Scorpion Vision engineers will be running a workshop on creating a vision application without any programming. This event will take place during the afternoon of 4 October 2007. Further details can be obtained from Scorpion Vision Ltd on +44(0)1590 679333.

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