Motor sizing software includes profile plotting

31 October 2007

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Motor sizing software includes profile plottingThe latest version (1.02) of Aerotech's motor sizing software features an updated user interface, improved sizing calculations, motion profile plotting and the ability to size multiple axes within the same project file. The programme is available for download free of charge from the comprehensive Engineering Reference section of the website at

A Microsoft.NET Framework environment is used to create a comprehensive yet easy to use motor and application sizing platform for Aerotech's full range of iron cored and slotless linear motors, brushless rotary servomotors, DC servomotors and microstepping motors. Users can calculate individual motor sizing, or they can size motors together with integral Aerotech positioning stages in single or stacked multi-axis configuration.

It is possible to size a series of moves for one axis and determine their combined effect in a complete sequence with regard to RMS force or torque and motor heating. Metric and imperial units can be mixed within the same calculation. Individual move profiles or entire sequences may be plotted and projects can be saved, loaded and printed. Sizing calculations can also be made using third-party motor specifications and the results compared with Aerotech's range.

A comprehensive help section is included, with set-up assistance and practical overviews for all menu items included in the V1.02 motor sizing program.

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