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02 November 2007

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The UK Industrial Vision Association (UKIVA) is publishing a new revision of The Machine Vision Handbook, which is now available as a 16-page PDF from the Association's website at

Although there has been a huge leap forward in machine vision technology over the last 15-20 years, both in terms of hardware and software, the basic principles and requirements of machine vision remain largely unchanged. The Machine Vision Handbook, first published (in paper format only) in January 1997, has been updated with financial assistance from the Photonics Knowledge Transfer Network.

UKIVA Director, Don Braggins, says: "In spite of all the advances in software and hardware, it is surprising how little had to be changed for the new edition, which remains a basic guide to the technology and does not go into any details of actual hardware or software. Probably the biggest change editorially was to remove some of the statements about the limitations of the technology, and to acknowledge that an additional method of getting three-dimensional information is to use a 'time-of-flight' camera, something simply not possible in earlier days."

Chapters in the book include:

  • The use of machine vision
  • How does a vision system work?
  • What can vision systems do?
  • Financial justification for machine vision
  • Interfacing with suppliers

The Association acknowledges the assistance it has received from its members in providing information, editorial input and diagrams for the latest revision of this handbook. Download it now for free at

UKIVA (UK Industrial Vision Association)visit website
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