Micro-Epsilon to launch innovative sensors at Mtec 2011

14 February 2011

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Visitors to stand 1112 at the Mtec 2011 exhibition (Midlands Design & Manufacturing, 6-7 April 2011) can see four new sensors from Micro-Epsilon. These include two non-contact displacement sensors, a thermal imager and a laser profile scanner.

Eddy current displacement sensors

Micro-Epsilon's new eddyNCDT 3100 displacement sensor is the first standard, catalogue sensor to use Micro-Epsilon's new Embedded Coil Technology (ECT), which enables ultra-compact designs to be produced. ECT provides almost unlimited scope in terms of the external design and geometry of the sensor to suit virtually any application requirements.

As with all ECT sensors, the eddyNCDT 3100 offers extreme mechanical robustness, resulting in longer service intervals and higher temperature stability. The sensors are suitable for use in harsh environments, including high vibration, impact shocks and high operating temperatures.

Each eddyNCDT 3100 has an integrated EEPROM chip that stores sensor and cable calibration data. Normally eddy current sensors require the user to spend time calibrating the sensor, controller and cable to the specific application. However, with the eddyNCDT 3100, the sensor is simply plugged into a controller and no further calibration is required. This means reduced calibration and set up times for users, particularly if multiple sensors and controllers are involved.

Furthermore, the sensor incorporates a web browser interface, so users can remotely configure individual or multiple sensor installations. Ethernet and analogue interfaces are also provided.

Laser displacement sensor

Micro-Epsilon's new optoNCDT 2300 laser displacement sensor is a high-end, self-contained device that requires no separate controller and provides a very high measuring speed of up to 50kHz. The sensor is therefore suitable for high-speed dynamic applications such as vibration measurement or for measuring uneven, difficult surfaces including transparent plastics. Although competing sensors claim to offer similar measuring rates and resolution, Micro-Epsilon says that the optoNCDT 2300 is the only sensor to offer a 50kHz measuring speed and an integral controller. Competing sensors offer high resolution only by applying a high averaging factor, which then reduces the dynamic speed of the laser. The optoNCDT 2300 achieves high resolution and high measuring speeds without averaging.

In addition, the sensor can be configured remotely using a web browser interface. This direct connection means users can store parameters for particular applications, which can then be uploaded to one or multiple sensors, thereby reducing setup time considerably.

Thermal imaging

Micro-Epsilon's new thermoIMAGER TIM340 thermal imaging camera is an inline radiometric unit that is built on the same platform as its predecessor, the thermoIMAGER TIM160, but with higher thermal resolution and a new detector.

The thermoIMAGER TIM340 provides temperature images and profiles of a target area. This plug-and-play unit comes with a full software package that enables users to configure all the parameters of the device, as well as enabling the real-time capture (at 120Hz full frame rate) and storage of images or video of an event for slow-motion playback or snapshots at a later date. Users can also now switch between a thermal image and a photo-realistic digital image.

thermoIMAGER TIM340 cameras are fixed in position on production lines or in research and development laboratories in order to monitor the temperature profile of target materials or objects. These cameras are well suited to in-process measurement, quality control, R&D, and for locating hotspots on critical plant and machinery.

Laser profile scanner

Also on the stand will be the scanCONTROL 2710 series laser profile scanners. These sensors are extremely compact, with an integrated controller, for measuring angles, steps and position, and for part recognition. Profiling of adhesive beads, weld seams, grooves and gaps is also possible.

After the sensor has been configured using the new scanCONTROL Configuration Tools 2.0 software, it can perform data acquisition, profile calculations and generate measured values at full resolution (100Hz). The sensor is therefore suitable for robotics and automation tasks; it is available in 25mm and 100mm measuring ranges.

For more information about any of these sensors or to arrange a product demonstration at Mtec 2011, telephone +44 (0)151 355 6070, email or go to

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