446-page catalogue covers all fluid control needs

21 January 2008

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446-page catalogue covers all fluid control needsBurkert’s new fluid control systems catalogue provides an extensive range of innovative control and sensing products for applications as diverse as water treatment, gas handling, hygienic processing, cooling systems, steam and microfluidics.

Running to 466 pages, the new catalogue is intended to cover products for all fluid control needs. Included are 2/2 and 3/2 solenoid valves, proportional valves, process valves, process pneumatic and valve islands, and sensors and controllers. These products are supported by selection guides, graphical overviews of the various product ranges, product performance charts, and, in the case of solenoid valves, a whole section devoted to functional principles.

New products that are featured in the catalogue for the first time include Burkert’s eCONTROL 8611, which is described as the first modular control system designed for seamless integration into multiple closed-loop cooling systems. The Type 2822 proportional valves, which benefit from innovative shaped springs, are said to set new performance standards in gas handling and medical engineering applications. Burkert's Type 8650 AirLINE-EX valve system, which offers control engineers opportunities for considerably reduced costs in ATEX applications, is also new, as is a modular range of IP67 intelligent level sensors that can be easily adapted to demanding process tasks.

Free copies of the new hardback catalogue can be obtained by calling or emailing Burkert’s UK sales department on +44(0)1453 731353 or .

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