See 3D machine vision demonstrated at IPOT 2008

30 January 2008

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Scorpion Vision will be demonstrating its new 3D stereo vision system at stand 2417 at the UKs Image Processing and Optical Technology (IPOT) show taking place at the NEC on 13-14 February 2008.

This is a software-based 3D vision system that utilises two cameras working together in the same way that a human uses two eyes. Images of the subject are taken from two different angles; Scorpion software creates a third image that is a combination of the two, with the perspective removed. The image therefore appears to be a top-down view of the subject. The 3D vision algorithms can then extrapolate the vertical distance from the subject, whereas with 2D vision only the X and Y components are possible.

3D vision offers major advantages in many industrial scenarios, and one major benefactor is robot vision, where the ability to have X, Y AND Z data means the robot can be given height as well as position co-ordinates.

This technology will be on display and can be examined at close quarters at IPOT. Taking the form of a copy stand rigged with two PixeLINK PL-B742F industrial firewire cameras, the system will calculate the height from the subject in real time. Visitors will be able to move the cameras vertically and see the live height value being displayed.

New Gigabit Ethernet cameras

Also on Scorpion Vision's stand will be an example from PixeLINK's broad range of industrial cameras, available with either CMOS or CCD sensors and with either USB2 or Firewire interfaces. This range has been extended with the addition of Gigabit Ethernet as a standard interface across the board.

The increased bandwidth of GigE at 1000 Mbps allows for large uncompressed images to be transferred in real time over standard Cat5E network cables up to 100m long.

PixeLINK has continued its tradition of making camera integration a simple and quick experience for system developers by providing a common SDK regardless of the customer’s chosen camera interface. This saves time for current users of PixeLINK’s FireWire and USB 2.0 products and enables easy swapping between PixeLINK camera models, depending on the application requirements.

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