Free open day to demonstrate capability of 3D vision

04 March 2008

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Scorpion Vision is announcing a major UK industry event for machine vision integrators and machine builders who use industrial vision technology and who wish to find out more about the capabilities of 3D vision for inspection, measurement and robot guidance.

Tordivel AS of Oslo, Norway, has developed Scorpion Vision 3D. It is claimed to be the first configurable 3D framework for machine vision engineers and offers a number of advantages over traditional 2D vision technologies.

Following the Scorpion Vision concept of a modular, non-programming, open platform, the new module makes 3D measurement, 3D robot vision, random bin picking and 3D assembly verification feasible for everyone.

Behind the simple configuration of Scorpion 3D, complex mathematical algorithms are processed in real time. For example, creating a stereo camera array for robot vision is simply a matter of calibrating the two camera images with height and 2D co-ordinates. The company claims that this preparation requires no prior 3D expertise and can take as little as 30 minutes. The end result is a powerful enhancement for robot vision.

The built-in sub-pixel measurement capability is the foundation on which the 3D product is based. With multi-core processors that offer significant performance gains thanks to enhanced multitasking capability, more complex algorithms can be processed in near real time. 3D measurements in-line on the production line are now possible for Scorpion users.

Scorpion 3D is available as an add-on for retrofitting to existing 2D systems.

The 3D Vision open day is a networking opportunity for robot integrators, machine vision engineers and end users alike to find out more about 3D vision, how to configure it and how it can be applied to solve complex vision problems. This open day will be taking place at ABB Robotics, Auriga House, Precedent Drive, Rooksley, Milton Keynes MK13 8PQ on 24 April 2008, between 12:30pm and 4:30pm.

For further details about Scorpion Vision 3D and Scorpion Vision workshops, call Paul Wilson on +44 (0)1590 679333.

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