Motion control and power transmission products on show

10 March 2008

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On stand D12 at this year’s Drives & Controls show, Motion Drives and Controls is exhibiting products from across its complete motion control, power transmission and clutch/brake range, highlighting its one call/one supplier/one product philosophy.

Quicksilver's range of intelligent servo drives combines the cost benefits of microstep motors with the dynamic performance of closed-loop control. Quicksilver's advanced PVIA servo loop enables a 100:1 inertia mismatch for oversized load capability and combines 17-, 23- and 34-NEMA frame microstep motors fitted with high-resolution encoders matched to servo drives with integrated motion controls.

MD&C is also showing Nexen's patented RPS rack and roller pinion system that converts rotary motion into very precise and backlash-free linear motion, which guarantees accurate positioning over long travel ranges. Nexen's RB series 'rail brakes' offer an innovative approach for linear motion guide-based positioning systems. Also from Nexen, the Eclipse servo motor brake range provides superior torque output for dynamic vertical and horizontal holding and stopping applications.

Sitema's safety catchers and safety locks are used where personal protection and accident prevention must be provided against failure of heavy-lifting machinery. Typical applications include hydraulic presses, machine tools and heavy duty manufacturing and handling equipment.

Gearboxes from Watt Drive and Marzorati include helical, parallel-shaft, shaft-mounted, helical-worm, helical-bevel, angle-parallel gear units and screw jacks.

The innovative range of clutches, brakes and tension controls from MAGPOWR uses magnetic particle technology to provide excellent characteristics for precise web tension control, especially where the material is delicate. This selection is available exclusively from Motion Drives and Controls.

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