3M tapes now available through Anixter Components

27 March 2008

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3M tapes now available through Anixter ComponentsAnixter Components has been appointed as a UK distributor for 3M’s range of adhesive tapes and has added 3M’s filament, masking, waterproof cloth (duct), double-coated, double-coated foam, and transfer tapes to its existing adhesive lines in the 2008/09 catalogue. OEMs in manufacturing industries, from food and beverage to electronics, can now benefit from a wider choice of adhesives.

The filament tapes are a high-strength packing tape that incorporate glass filaments and are available in mono-weave and cross-weave formats. They are very strong and will not tear, even if the tape edge becomes damaged. The tapes can bundle and secure almost any type of material, so are suitable for a wide range of applications including household appliances, electronics, palletising boxes and reinforcing cases.

Double-coated foam tapes and pads can be used to fill gaps and bond rough or irregular surfaces by distributing stress uniformly over bonded area. The result is a bond line that seals, cushions and damps vibration, resists impact, withstands a wide temperature range and provides good insulating qualities. These tapes are suitable for furniture trim, point-of-sale and general assembly.

The multi-purpose range of sticky, strong, double-coated tapes provides permanent bonding for a range of high-performance applications. They bond aggressively to most surfaces including metal, glass and paper.

Transfer tapes allow users to apply a glue strip quickly and efficiently. The adhesive is supported on a paper liner and when applied with the gun the liner is stripped away for immediate bonding, increasing productivity by up to five times over traditional methods. As well as being quick, this is a very exact and clean way to apply adhesive to a surface, as there are no drips or mess and a uniform thickness of glue is applied precisely where required. The wide range of transfer tapes make them suitable for a variety of applications, from display and poster mounting to automotive interior trim securing.

Andrew Fletcher, Technical Director at Anixter Components, comments: “We are dedicated to meeting our customers’ needs and continually review the products in our range. We have added the 3M tapes in response to an increased demand for quick and easy methods of fastening in a wide range of applications, from automotive to the manufacture of household appliances. We are now able to offer our customers more choice of product at competitive prices and we are truly a one-stop-shop for all our customers’ requirements.”

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