Wyko Industrial Services in the UK becomes Eriks UK

03 April 2008

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Wyko Industrial Services in the UK becomes Eriks UKAs of 2 April 2008, Eriks UK is the new name for what was formerly known as Wyko Industrial Services in the UK. This name change is part of a major rebranding campaign that the company has been undertaking since the £139million acquisition of Wyko by Eriks nv in November 2006.

Eriks UK is composed of different divisions that together offer an enormous range of technical products and services to UK industry. A number of the divisions have been rebranded as Eriks prior to the Eriks UK changeover. Eriks Sealing and Flow Technology was launched in September 2007, Eriks Integrated Solutions switched to its new guise in January 2008, as did Eriks International. As well as the 103 branches that will now be Eriks Service Centres, newly named divisions include Eriks Automotive, Eriks Industrial Distribution and Eriks Electro Mechanical Services.

Eriks UK will operate a twin business model, based on that of its parent organisation. As well as its traditional strength in the MRO sector the company will also be able to attract OEM business because of its R&D and manufacturing capability. In the sealing sector, for example, Eriks UK is able to work on specific projects for customers within its own laboratory and manufacture bespoke products. Alongside the ability to deliver customised products, the company also possesses expertise and experience in areas such as vendor-managed inventory, lineside supply and the supply of kitted assemblies. Such expertise is available both in the UK and at other facilities across Europe.

Further expansion

Eriks UK is also looking at making strategic acquisitions; indeed, this has already been demonstrated with the purchase of FHS (Flexible Hose Solutions) and Forco Electrical Services in 2007.

Commenting on becoming Eriks UK, Mark Dixon, CEO, says: “We have been looking forward to this moment for a long time, finally to move forward as Eriks UK. The combination of our in-depth technical knowledge and our ever-increasing product range makes Eriks UK an incredibly strong partner for all organisations looking to enhance their productivity and operate more efficiently.”

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