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13 March 2008

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New website dedicated to dental turbine bearingsThe Barden Corporation launching, an innovative website specially developed to provide information on Barden's super-precision range of dental turbine bearings. It has been developed to directly provide users and manufacturers of high-speed dental handpieces with clear, easy-to-understand details on how Barden’s dental turbine bearings can optimise performance of handpieces in terms of longer life, quieter operation and lower repair costs.

Dental bearings operate in highly demanding environments. Repeated sterilisation, the depletion of lubricant over time and the effects of operating debris often cause them to fail prematurely. Barden’s new website explains how precise engineering and manufacturing processes have addressed these issues and resulted in bearings that can significantly increase the length of handpiece warranties. Improved shield designs retain lubricant more effectively and also prevent contamination of the bearing from operating debris, thereby reducing wear on the bearings and increasing bearing life by up to four times compared with traditional dental bearings.

Dr Graham Stirling, the Managing Director at Barden, comments: “The quality of bearings in a handpiece is critical to its performance. We believe that at Barden we have created the ideal combination, a bearing with the high specification and performance of a super-precision product, while offering cost-effectiveness in this competitive market.

"Our aim for this website is to let members of the dental industry know that they do not have to settle for a standard bearing; there is a more efficient, high-quality alternative available.”

With a bearing to fit almost every handpiece in the market, Barden dental bearings can be supplied direct to the handpiece manufacturer or to the dentist, as part of a regular handpiece maintenance routine. Barden has close links with several handpiece repair services, to which dentists can send handpieces for bearing replacement. With turnarounds of just hours, they offer a simple, straightforward service and full details are available from the website. Visitors to the site can also contact Barden direct for information via a simple enquiry form.

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