Free guide to AS-Interface networks

30 April 2008

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Free guide to AS-Interface networksPepperl+Fuchs, in conjunction with the AS-Interface Association and the AS-Interface Academy, is publishing a booklet to aid the installation and commissioning of AS-Interface networks. The booklet covers network design, topology and configuration and is an excellent tool for designing, installing, commissioning or maintaining an AS-Interface network.

Established as one of the most accessible and simplest industrial I/O networks, AS-Interface is among the best supported open networks, with over 100 manufacturers offering AS-Interface products.

The booklet includes two checklists: the Project checklist covers questions such as addressing and configuration, while the Sign Off checklist covers installation issues such as cable routing and documentation.

Consideration is given to cable selection and EMC requirements as well as power supply requirements. The Tips and Tricks section offers some useful ideas for fault-finding and improving installation quality.

The guide is an excellent aid for new users of AS-interface as well as a useful reminder for those more familiar with AS-interface systems. Free copies are available on request from Pepperl+Fuchs on +44 (0)161 6336431, or at .

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