More sizes of lead screw, acme thread and ball screw

04 January 2008

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More sizes of lead screw, acme thread and ball screwAbssac says it already has one of the widest ranges of lead screws, acme threads, ball screws and satellite roller screws on the market, as well as a machine shop that can supply end journals that are ready to fit directly into customers' applications. Nevertheless, Abssac reports that it will be expanding its range in 2008, with more diameters and leads for each product family.

The existing range of lead screw extends from miniature models at 4mm diameter up to large units with 200mm. Both metric and imperial leads are available for each standard diameter. lead screws are offered in cold rolled, whirled, machined or ground styles in stainless steel, low-carbon steel and exotic materials if required.

If required, multi-start, high-helix and ultra-fine Vee thread format screws can be supplied.

Abssac's anti-backlash nut designs complement the range of lead screws and, in some cases, can be tapped to run on ball screw threads. Primarily Abssac uses Delrin as the base material for the plastic nuts. Delrin is an acetal resin engineering plastic that is lightweight, has a low coefficient of friction, is extremely wear-resistant and is capable of operating in temperatures in excess of 90degC (approximately 200degF). Other plastic materials used are: polyoxymethylene (POM); acetal resin; polytrioxane; and polyformaldehyde. Bronze nuts are normally machined from SAE660 bronze but aluminium bronze hybrids are used for certain applications.

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