Tordivel Solar to develop vision systems for solar cells

24 June 2008

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The process used to make solar panels is expensive and the quality of the silicon wafer used in each panel is critical to its performance. Wafers are cut from blocks of silicon using fine cutting apparatus that needs to be in top condition in order that the wafers are virtually perfect. Any striations or scores caused by a poor blade will reduce the wafer’s efficiency. If a blade fault is not rectified quickly, the cost of lost production can be significant.

Scorpion Vision offers a high-tech optical solution to the problem of how to monitor silicon wafer quality during the manufacturing process. Each wafer is measured as it is produced, so any imperfections down to one-tenth of a millimetre can be readily analysed. The cost benefit to silicon wafer manufacturers is potentially substantial, with a Scorpion Vision system typically paying for itself in just 12 months.

This 3D industrial vision system is based on Scorpion Vision Software, developed by Tordivel of Oslo. To capitalise on this rapidly growing sector, in early 2008 the company spawned a spin-off, Tordivel Solar. Now a leading technology supplier to the solar industry, Tordivel Solar will continue to develop standard products for automated production control of wafers, blocks and solar cells based on Scorpion Vision Software.

Scorpion Vision software is used in manufacturing in all sectors and offers exceptional capabilities to manufacturing engineers to assist with increasing throughput and reducing quality problems.

For further information on Scorpion Vision Software and its diverse applications and capabilities, contact Paul Wilson on +44 (0)1590 679333.

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