Variohm to distribute ZEMIC load cells in the UK

16 June 2008

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Variohm to distribute ZEMIC load cells in the UKVariohm EuroSensor has been appointed as the exclusive UK distributor for ZEMIC load cells. As a well-established Asian-based designer and manufacturer, ZEMIC is claimed to have built a strong reputation for competitive pricing and OIML-approved quality in its own market region. For several decades, it has supplied the European and USA markets.

Variohm aims to augment this reputation with more than 30 years' experience of load cell applications, providing technical sales and complete product support in addition to a stock delivery programme that can be part of an integrated supply chain.

The complete ZEMIC loadcell range covers load capacities from a few 100g to over 500tons with over 50 product families of single-point cells, compression cells, S-type, shear beam and spoke-type load cells, together with complete weighing assemblies, junction boxes, mounting accessories and electronics.

With OIML and other international verification approvals and protection classes to IP68, the extensive and versatile range can provide cost-competitive products to the majority of load cell applications across industry and research. However, for specialist requirements, Variohm has direct access to ZEMIC's engineering department, where over 225 design engineers are ready to provide customised modifications or completely new designs.

Variohm's range of measurement products includes sensors and transducers for position, pressure, temperature, force, torque and vibration, together with associated displays and interfacing instrumentation. With its own production capability and distribution agreements with global manufacturers, the company strives to provide a complete product service for machine builders and manufacturers across all areas of industry and to specialist measurement applications such as motorsports and research organisations.

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