Delta Line Europe to offer Zeitlauf gearmotors

30 September 2006

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Manufacturers of industrial machinery, medical devices or factory equipment often have to react very quickly to the requirements of the market. Market forces mean that time-to-market is an all-important factor today, leading to the success or failure of a product

Besides the quality and variety of the drive systems on offer today, this makes fast product availability even more important than before, particularly during the design phase, for sampling and pre-production volumes.

Delta Line Europe and Zeitlauf have therefore teamed up to bring an exciting range of innovative gearing products to machine designers.

For a long time it has not only been the quality of the products supplied and short delivery times for standard gear head motors that have become a matter of course. Now, the fast availability of the standard modular range has been extended even further.

The standard drive motors, which are offered in a large number of variants, can be supplied in quantities up to 20 within one week. This is possible due to the use of state-of-the-art data management and warehouse management, as well as a cleverly designed modular system that Delta Line Europe and Zeitlauf offer.

All drive motors in the standard modular range can be assembled economically with individual parts from this modular system. The possibilities from which the user can make a selection are very varied: the range of spur and planetary gearhead motors has, in the meantime, been extended from 39 to 62 motor and gearhead combinations, with finely-staged reduction series, and is represented in a clearly structured form in the new standard programme modular system catalogue.

Motor choices

With regard to motors, designers basically have a choice between split pole motors, capacitor motors, DC motors, hybrid stepper motors, DC external rotor motor with or without integrated electronic controls, or brushless DC internal rotor motors. Depending on the type, they work on either 230V AC or 24V DC.

The geared motors offer output torques ranging up to 30Nm and speeds up to 1132rev/min.

Product life is another important factor in today's designs, so these products are long-lived, compact and guarantee smooth running due to the helical teeth on the first-stage gearhead assemblies.

Other accessories include brakes, optical or magnetic pulse encoders, as well as 1-Q transistor speed governors, and switching power supply units for direct current drives with brushes.

The various gearhead/motor combinations from the standard modular range facilitate fast, uncomplicated drives for a very wide variety of industrial sectors. Among the typical areas of use are, for example, conveyor systems, medical devices, oncology equipment and office and document handling applications, as well as door and gate drives.

The two- to five-stage spur gearheads of the Flatline series have a compact, space-saving design and can be assembled to a range of split-pole motors, hybrid stepper motors, capacitor motors or DC permanent-magnet motors.

Thanks to the direct toothed motor shaft, the motors can be installed on the various gearheads without any problem. The motor shaft teeth are designed in such a way that the shaft can be used for a large number of reductions.

The single- and multistage Performax planetary gearheads can be assembled to permanent-magnet, DC motors, brushless DC internal rotor motors, or external rotor motors.

New to the range are variants with plug-on flanges that are, for example, suitable for assembly to standard NEMA stepper motors.

The Performax gearheads have helical teeth and are currently among the shortest planetary gear heads on the market.

Each gearhead stage is optimally designed for its respective load, for example by selecting the basic materials and tooth sizes to suit the respective stages.

The tooth geometry has been optimised with the help of high-performance software programmes, which, for example, take the tool design and the number of processing phases into account.

Further extension of the high-availability standard modular range is planned for 2006.

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