Free 'health checks' for compressed air systems

22 August 2008

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Atlas Copco is offering free Compressed Air System Health Checks as part its continuing commitment to minimising energy and production costs. While it is obvious that a compressed air system operating at peak efficiency saves money, not every operator is aware of how healthy their installation is – or not. And with rising energy costs, there has never been a better time to find out.

The Health Check is a non-intrusive service that does not interfere with production processes; the entire air supply system is examined and every energy-consuming feature is highlighted.

In detail, the Compressed Air System Health Check programme includes monitoring and inspecting the running of the compressors as well as the capacity and fitness of the dryers and all the ancillary equipment such as receivers, filters, drains and oil/water separators. It also examines the state of the controls and monitoring system, as well as that of the pipework and general system.

After the assessment process, the Atlas Copco engineer provides an on-the-spot written assessment that shows exactly where matters can be improved and savings can be made.

Experience shows that the highest levels of compressed air system efficiency are invariably obtained through a combination of factors, so the Health Check will immediately put operators in a position to make an assessment of their priorities to meet desirable levels of energy- and cost-efficiency.

After the check, Atlas Copco can assist with the implementation of any necessary improvements deemed to be of benefit to economical plant operation.

With the Health Check, compressed air plant operators have nothing to lose but a little of their time, and in today's financial climate that may prove to be the best investment they will make.

A free Compressed Air System Health Check can be booked by calling 0800 181 085 or by email at .

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