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16 April 2008

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Schneider Electric has had its training presentations for Unilever televised for broadcast via The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) private Internet TV to all of Unilever's European factories. The aim of the courses is to bring Unilever's engineers and managers up to date with the latest trends and technologies.

Many technical companies boast training services but few, if any, have had their training televised. The courses developed by Schneider Electric for Unilever are part of a pioneering project to pilot the use of web streaming technology for training purposes.

The initial five-day courses were recorded by a film crew commissioned by the IET during which Paul Pryor of Schneider Electric Industrial Systems and Solutions presented a session explaining basic motor theory and the use of variable-speed drives in energy-saving applications. A Schneider Electric System Integrator partner, Hayden Freeman, also delivered a session on automation technology from instrumentation to distributed control systems (DCS) and manufacturing enterprise systems (MES).

Malcolm G Sarstedt, Lead Electrical Engineer with Unilever, comments: "I thought the motor/variable-speed drive presentation was excellent. I am aware from the Unilever Director of Engineering Europe that he was really impressed and is considering running repeat courses in Europe and possibly in Asia in the future."

Schneider Electric has continuously invested substantially in its training provisions for customers. The quality and professionalism of the courses delivered by the company adds significant value to the equipment and services the company offers.

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