Omron publishes 'Total solutions for industrial safety'

30 September 2008

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Omron has published a new full-colour, 24-page, A4 brochure that outlines its range of products for machinery safety applications. In addition, the literature includes a useful glossary, plus an introduction to An Sen Man, Omron's interactive safety consultant.

The main thrust of the publication, however, is an exposition of the company's safety products - which is now extensive, following Omron's purchase of STI's Safety Products group at the end of 2006. These include:

  • Safety light curtains
  • Single-beam light sensors
  • Safety relays
  • DeviceNet Safety controllers/monitors and I/O terminals
  • Keyswitches
  • Guard interlocks
  • Safety hinge switches
  • Mechanically-operated limit switches

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