Free guide to DeviceNet Safety from Omron

30 September 2008

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Omron has published a new free guide to DeviceNet Safety. This 20-page, full-colour A4 booklet outlines the features and benefits of this open safety communication protocol, such as interoperability between standard automation and safety components, fast and easy installation, easy expansion of the safety-related control system, and high-quality diagnostics.

In addition, the literature describes Omron's range of hardware and software compatible with DeviceNet Safety. This includes a safety network controller, safety terminals (I/O blocks), and an intuitive drag-and-drop configuration software package.

It is worth highlighting that Omron now offers a DeviceNet-compatible safety system that can be used in three ways:

  1. As a standalone controller
  2. As a safety network expandable with remote I/O blocks
  3. In combination with DeviceNet as a hybrid network

Details for this versatile system and the individual components can be found in the booklet, which is available by emailing or going to

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