Rexroth's REMAN programme helps avoid downtime

24 October 2008

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Rexroth's REMAN programme helps avoid downtimeFor a mature production line that integrates electric drive and control units that are starting to become old and unreliable, the component failure rate can increase significantly. By implementing Rexroth's REMAN programme, production engineers are assured that each unit is returned to a serviceable state, thereby ensuring reduced spares usage and machine downtime.

As a supplier of drives and control equipment, Rexroth delivers reliable and long-lasting components that ensure high availability during the machine's useful service life. When the component approaches obsolescence, original new replacements are in limited supply and therefore unit costs can become unpredictable – necessitating the need for additional stockholding. Furthermore, during this 'wear out' phase, the component failure rate can also increase significantly.

To reduce the effects of higher unit replacement costs and lost revenue due to unplanned and frequent downtimes, Rexroth is offering a replacement programme, known as REMAN. Under this programme, Rexroth supplies refurbished units with a new warranty and offers fair compensation for each returned unit. This arrangement helps both Rexroth and the customer to predict the associated service costs, as well as minimising downtime.

Rexroth firmly believes that customer support with the application and use of its products should be offered for the entire lifetime of a production plant. Retrofit or modernisation options have varying levels of complexity, and range from single axis to complete machine upgrades. Nevertheless, at any level, the investment required to retrofit such a system is not just the initial outlay of new equipment; there are also the costs associated with downtime during system optimisation and normally a bedding in period, as well as operator training.

By bringing components back into a serviceable state, the REMAN service reflects Rexroth's commitment to support these products in line with the production line's life expectancies. The tangible benefits of using the REMAN programme are self-evident: greater machine up-time represents a reduction in lost production, and fewer repairs means less expenditure. REMAN, as an alternative to retrofit, also offers significant cost savings since there is no investment in new technologies and no requirement for staff training.

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