Compressors offered with seven-year warranty

23 October 2008

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Atlas Copco Compressors is introducing a new seven-year warranty to provide its customers with complete confidence and peace of mind. Available through the company's authorised distributor network, CompleteCARE will be offered on all oil-injected screw compressors up to 90kW.

To take up the warranty, compressor owners only need to have their compressors serviced by one of Atlas Copco's authorised distributors, in line with the company's preventative maintenance recommendations. This will enable them not only to be confident that their compressor continues to operate at its optimum efficiency but will also reassure them that, should any problems arise, they will be taken care of by experts through the CompleteCARE warranty.

Kevin Prince, Managing Director for Atlas Copco, says of the new offering: "The new CompleteCARE extended warranty is a testament to the quality of our products and has been made possible by the proven reliability of Atlas Copco's compressed air equipment. In the current climate, CompleteCARE also provides that extra peace of mind: compressor owners can relax a little, knowing that there will not be any sudden and unexpected compressor repair bills."

For more information on CompleteCARE and details of the nearest authorised distributor, call +44 (0)800 181085 or e-mail .

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