Renishaw maintains strong position in metrology and spectroscopy

04 November 2008

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Renishaw maintains strong position in metrology and spectroscopyIn the year to 30 June 2008, Renishaw reports that it generated a turnover of £200million. Furthermore, it now has over 50 locations in 30 countries, with more than 2150 employees worldwide.

Renishaw describes itself as a world leader in metrology and spectroscopy technologies. Since its formation in 1973, the company has supplied products to manufacturing companies worldwide, all designed to increase productivity and improve product quality in a competitive manufacturing environment.

Renishaw's probe systems for co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs) are accepted by many users as an industry standard, while the company's touch probes and laser probes are widely used on machining centres and CNC lathes during automating tool setting, workpiece set-up and gauging.

In the field of motion control, Renishaw's linear encoders, angle encoders and magnetic encoders for position feedback are used in industries as diverse as electronics, motorsports, semiconductors, food manufacturing and print production.

A high level of investment in research and development (R&D) has resulted in developments across a wide range of other product areas, including scanning systems for reverse engineering and dental applications, laser calibration systems for machine performance control, Raman microscopes for spectral analysis of materials, and, most recently, medical devices for neurosurgical applications.

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