Deritend RMB opens new facility for larger projects

26 November 2008

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Deritend RMB opens new facility for larger projectsDeritend RMB, which specialises in 24/7 industrial gearbox repairs, refurbishment, replacement, machining and fabrication, is opening a new purpose-built engineering works in Brandon Way, West Bromwich. Designed for the service and assembly of large rotating machines, the new facility will complement the work done at Deritend RMB's Union Street site. Work will include designing, building and assembling large gearboxes and heavy machinery.

The new, purpose-built facility at Brandon Way provides Deritend RMB with 32,000sqft of work space specially designed for working with large machines. It will allow the company to expand significantly its capacity to serve industries such as power generation, mining and steel production. The works craneage includes three 20-ton cranes as well as other smaller ones, which means that very large rotating machines can be accommodated.

Deritend RMB says it offers one of the most comprehensive breakdown engineering, machining and fabrication services in the UK. It has achieved the David Brown 'swift centre' status, which requires over 600 components to be held in stock. Deritend RMB says it is the only manufacturer to offer its swift service 24/7. The inclusion of the Brandon Way site means that the same service can now be provided for larger machinery.

With site facilities and staff now in place, Deritend has already enjoyed success with several large projects, including providing a suitable location for the build and assembly of a billet transfer rig, built from scratch by Deritend RMB for a large titanium production company.

Early successes

Bain Nicholson, Operations Manager at the new site, comments: "Since operations commenced at Brandon Way we have been able to carry out work that was logistically more difficult using our other facility in West Bromwich, which was at capacity; since joining the Deritend Industries group of companies, the demand for our work has increased and so we have had to expand to accommodate it. The most exciting recent projects have included the complete design, fabrication and manufacture of two brand new 14-tonne helical gearboxes from scratch for a coal-fired power station, and housing the construction of a large billet transfer rig for a titanium foundry."

This is just one of many expansions that Deritend Industries is currently undertaking. Group company Pre-Formed Windings, a specialist in the design and manufacture of copper windings, has recently enjoyed a 30 per cent expansion to its production facility. Deritend Industries has also recently acquired M&E services provider H&K Industrial Services (now Deritend H&K), which will complement Deritend's strengths in on-site electrical, power, transmission and machine tool repair and refurbishment.

Richard K Hale, Group CEO of Deritend Industries, comments: "In today's tough economic climate it is more common to hear about company closures and cutbacks than new investment initiatives. That is why our expansion is good news for British engineering; it proves that growth under difficult market conditions is still possible."

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