CANopen seminars to be held throughout Europe

16 December 2008

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CAN in Automation (CiA) has scheduled a CANopen seminar series in the European Union for 2009. The one-day seminars provide an overview of the CANopen higher-layer protocol. The seminars, all provided in English, will take place in Nuremberg (3 March), Gothenburg (18 March), Warsaw (26 March), Zurich (12 May), Birmingham (27 May) and Bratislava (25 June). An additional seminar is planned in Moscow (13 May).

Through the seminars, development engineers and system integrators will be able to judge if CANopen is suitable for their application. Attendees will receive a comprehensive insight into the technical opportunities of the basic and additional protocols (for example CANopen Manager, Layer Setting Services, CANopen Safety). Important aspects of system design will be demonstrated.

The CiA trainer will also explain the CANopen device and application profiles that enable to manufacture devices with a high degree of plug-and-play capability. Furthermore, multi-level networking will be considered. Well-specified applications such as CANopen-to-CANopen-routers, TCP/IP-to-CANopen-gateways and CANopen-to-AS-interface-gateways will be discussed.

Attendees should be familiar with the basics of the CAN protocol; CiA has therefore scheduled a half-day CAN seminar in Nuremberg (2 March). For further information or to register online, visit

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