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07 January 2009

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At Southern Electronics 2009, the Harting Technology Group will be featuring its broad range of electrical and electronics interconnection products. The Harting Technology Group's electronics assembly operation – Harting Integrated Solutions (HIS) – will also be demonstrating its backplane and sub-assembly capabilities.

In the electronics sector, Harting is showing dependable, high-performance data connectors with maximum signal integrity, capable of handling the high-speed and ultra-high-speed data rates employed in mobile telecommunications networks.

A new product on show is the Harting Micro Card Edge connector, which is designed for surface-mounting on 1.6mm-thick printed circuit boards in board-to-board mezzanine configurations as well as in small pluggable daughterboard applications. A key feature of the new connector in mezzanine applications is that it enables flexible but stable spacing between parallel boards to be achieved in configurations where small boards of different lengths are plugged between the connectors.

Another new product family includes a surface-mount version of the company's D-Sub connector range. The new design is optimised around a number of key point design features to provide reliable processing and long-term usage. 100 per cent co-planarity is achieved by the combination of stamped terminals and a specially designed insulator. This design has resulted in a robust product capable of withstanding all normal handling processes.

Automation products

Harting is also featuring its broad range of interconnection and networking products for the Automation IT environment. Harting's industrial networking portfolio includes interfaces between industrial automation equipment and sensors and monitoring systems, communications within machines and control systems, and links between the industrial and office computing environments.

In the field of industrial connectors, Harting is showing its Han heavy-duty connector family, which is claimed to set a worldwide standard for electrical connectors in sectors ranging from factory automation and machine manufacturing to transportation and wind energy. This product range has recently been enhanced with Han-Quick Lock, an innovative termination technology that combines reliability and simple handling with the space-saving benefits of crimp technology. This new concept is optimally designed for high contact densities and therefore has a considerable advantage compared with other termination technologies.

Harting Integrated Solutions is featuring its electronics assembly capabilities, along with its expertise in project development, prototyping, test and evaluation. The company is an ISO 9001 supplier and its Northampton-based manufacturing facility is described as a worldwide centre of excellence for the assembly of backplanes, enclosures and cable assemblies.

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