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18 December 2008

Solartron Metrologyvisit website


Engineers looking for information on the use of displacement sensors and gauging probes can now find it on Solartron Metrology's website. The newly revamped site includes dozens of pages of information on the selection and use of displacement transducers, probes and encoders.

A section devoted to Best Practice gives detailed background information on the use of sensors and the factors behind aspects such as accuracy and non-repeat performance.

Sections include What transducer where and Test and measurement. Topics for specific industries are also outlined, including automotive, aerospace, process and automation.

Detailed explanations are given on a wide range of topics, including bore gauging, profile analysis, measuring moving material, pneumatic probes and product care.

Each page on the site carries an Ask the expert link, where visitors can email Solartron's engineers with questions about any aspect of displacement sensor technology and practice. Replies are typically emailed back within 24 hours.

Solartron's sales and marketing director Neil Curtis says: "Our new website has been designed to make it easy for anyone to find out about position measurement transducers and technology, whether it is just basic information or advanced concepts."

Full information on new and existing products is available on the site, which also allows the downloading of catalogues and datasheets.

Visit the new website now at

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