BS 7079:2009 covers surface preparation of steel

15 January 2009

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BSI has published BS 7079:2009 General introduction to standards for preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products, which will be of interest to anyone responsible for the preparation of steel prior to painting, as the performance of protective coatings of paint and related products is significantly affected by the state of the surface immediately prior to painting.

This standard will be of use to contractors, specifiers and inspectors in a range of industries, who are responsible for defining the degree of surface preparation required by high-pressure water jetting, including marine, bridges, chemical plants, refineries and civil engineering.

BS 7079 is the British standard that provides a general introduction to all the steel surface preparation standards. It gives general information on all the separate groups of standards, along with a complete listing of all the published standards that cover abrasive blast-cleaning, hand- and power-tool cleaning and flame cleaning of steel substrates.

Also included are definitions that apply to all the standards listed. Additional definitions, specific to certain processes, are given in the respective standards. To help users, all of the 'older' BS 7079 references are given so that the new and/or updated standards can easily be found, as (although some remain dual-numbered) many are now only known by their BS EN ISO reference.

Although the surface preparation standards are primarily intended for use with hot-rolled steel, abrasive blast-cleaning methods in particular might also be applicable to the surface preparation of cold-rolled steel of sufficient thickness to withstand any deformation caused by the impact of the abrasive. The standards are not applicable to non-ferrous substrates such as aluminium or galvanised or electroplated steel.

BS EN ISO 4618:2006 Paints and varnishes. Terms and definitions is said to be indispensable for the application of BS 7079.

Contents of BS 7079 are:

  • Scope
  • Normative references
  • Terms and definitions
  • List of standards
  • Further information
  • Bibliography
  • List of tables

BS 7079:2009 replaces BS 7079-0:1990, which has been withdrawn

BS7079:2009, (ISBN 978 0 580 59688 9) is available from BSI priced £80.00 (plus packaging and postage) or £40.00 for members of BSI.

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