LG Motion to show innovations at Machine Building show

15 January 2009

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LG Motion to show innovations at Machine Building showLG Motion will be at the Machine Building & Automation Show 2009 (stand 804) to exhibit products from across its wide range of medium- to high-precision linear and rotary stages, linear bearings, motors, drives and controls, as well as new moving coil actuators and specialised motion components. LG Motion develops, manufactures and distributes products, representing a number of leading motion control suppliers. It has its own in-house production and design facility to handle customised assemblies.

As a UK Distributor Partner for SMAC Europe, a world leader in electronic moving coil actuators, positioning stages and electronic control products, LG Motion will be showing high-speed/high-precision single- and multi-axis positioning systems for a wide range of applications from automotive and robotics to medical device manufacture and laser machining.

A selection of high-precision linear guide bearings from Schneeberger's Monorail range, available on a two-day cutting service turnaround, will be shown with the innovative MINISCALE linear motion guide with a directly integrated optical encoder to combine load carrying, precision alignment and position feedback functions in one convenient package.

From Agile Systems Inc, the new microMAX R intelligent servo drive combines a sophisticated motion controller with user I/O, a powerful servo amplifier and a choice of high-speed networking in a single compact package for cost-effective distributed automation.

LG Motion will also be showing its cost-effective UniSlide, BiSlide and XSlide linear tables that are designed for medium-precision and medium-duty positioning system applications where reliability, simplicity and ease of configuration are important factors. A new 40-page catalogue is available that provides detailed information for manual or motorised positioning applications in all areas of manufacturing and research. In comparison with linear slides with integral ball or roller-based linear bearings, these tables offer simple yet effective bonded polymer bearing pads with high durability and excellent load and wear characteristics.

LG Motion's precision linear and rotary tables will also be on display with the launch of a new full-colour product resource catalogue covering the complete range.

Examples of LG Motion's capability to mix motion and positioning components from world-class distribution partners and its close working relationship with MiniTec UK (Stand 804) for machine building and linear systems components will be highlighted, along with in-house design and manufacturing to produce customised positioning systems.

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