Compressors gain Elektronikon interface and energy efficiency

07 May 2009

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Compressors gain Elektronikon interface and energy efficiencyAtlas Copco Compressors is introducing the next generation in compressor controls across its oil-injected screw compressors range 11–90kW GA/GA+/GA VSD. The new Elektronikon graphical display controller and the integrated Energy Saving (ES) Systems ES4/6i are significant contributors to further increasing compressed air efficiency, resulting in lower operating costs. In addition, free online visualisation enables remote monitoring, allowing for anticipation of operating and maintenance needs.

Atlas Copco has combined its expertise and knowledge to launch the fifth-generation Elektronikon graphical display controller (installed as standard on the GA+/GA VSD) while expanding the ES System to control, with the ES6i, up to six variable-speed driven or fixed-speed compressors simultaneously.

Housed on the compressor is the Elektronikon graphical display controller with colour display, showing several compressor and dryer parameters, while built-in algorithms automatically implement energy-saving cycles for both fan and dryer. Additional features such as dual pressure band and timer-based controls enables Atlas Copco to maximise energy savings by matching the operating pressure to air demand.

Reduced installation and operating costs

The optionally integrated Energy Saving Control System, ES6i, is capable of regulating and sequencing up to six variable- or fixed-speed compressors, while optimising the customer's installation by reducing the overall working pressure band of each compressor to meet the varying air demand. The possibility to manage up to six variable-speed compressors with one integrated controller (up to four compressors with the ES4i) reduces installation costs while minimising energy and maintenance costs through reduced pressure band. Depending on the compressor configuration and air demand, the improved ES control system can reduce yearly running costs up to 30 per cent.

When developing the fifth-generation Elektronikon Graphical display controller, Atlas Copco's engineers focused on the importance of a user-friendly interface. Clear and easy communication keeps users informed about the operating condition of the unit, thereby reducing operation and maintenance costs.

Built-in web server

Hardware innovations include a new human–machine interface with durable keyboard and a user-friendly navigation system. The Elektronikon graphical display controller has a high quality 3.5inch colour display. The built-in web-server technology is a standard feature with no additional cost providing, through Ethernet communication, instant online compressor status visualisation. The graphic visualisation provides service intervals in real time and displays a graphical service plan assisting in preventive maintenance. Customers can select one of 32 languages while all registered data is stored for later use. The optional AIRConnect allows for remote or local monitoring (through the phone or wireless internet connection) for additional on- or offline readings.

Atlas Copco’s oil-injected screw compressor, with its highly efficient components (compressor element, coolers, motor), provides premium performance in terms of both free air delivery and specific energy requirement. Coupled with superior controls, overall efficiency is increased further by complete system optimisation, which results in reduced operating costs.

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