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12 May 2009

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In June 2009, the Profibus and Profinet User Conference, to be held near Stratford-upon-Avon, will review the use of fieldbus systems in real-world industrial and process applications. While many of the conference presentations will describe examples of user application experience in various plants, there are several review papers which set the global scene, and show the history and reasons for the growth in the adoption of fieldbus technology.

IMS Research recently published a market research report on the Industrial Networking Market, which gives the history and projections for future adoption of various networking technologies. John Morse, from IMS Research, will present a selection from the results of this research in one of the opening papers at the conference. Morse specialises in industrial communications and machine vision at IMS, and has more than 25 years of experience in this field, having been Marketing Manager at Mitsubishi Electric, and also having managed the international launch of an Allen Bradley PLC.

His presentation will commence with the definitions and the objectives of the research including details of the networking technologies detailed in the report. This will include an insight into the methodology used to assess the industrial communications market, in terms of nodes installed.

Graphs to be presented show where the various technologies were positioned in the world market in 2007, with a forecast of how that will change by 2013. Additional information on the 'levels' of automation (supervisory, control and field) and networking transport media (copper, fibre-optic and wireless) will be followed by comments on the technologies used for wireless communication in factory automation.

This year, the sixth in the series of successful Profibus and Profinet User Conferences will be held from 16-17 June 2009 at the Stratford Manor Hotel. The event will again attract many international experts in networking technology as speakers, and showcase the UK expertise and knowledge available in the application of Profibus and Profinet. The multi-stream event will include practical workshops to demonstrate the installation and communications interfaces with Profibus devices, presentations from users describing the results of their installation projects, and an exhibition of relevant industrial networking equipment from various suppliers.

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