Fake SKF bearings confiscated in Czech Republic

26 June 2009

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Fake SKF bearings confiscated in Czech RepublicDuring April 2009 the SKF Group, working in co-operation with the Czech police authorities, made a raid and confiscated over 30 tons of counterfeit SKF bearings at a non-authorised dealer in the North-East region of the Czech Republic. In addition, products from other bearing manufacturers were confiscated.

This dealer had been purchasing these products from non-SKF sources and selling them to both end users and other dealers in the Czech Republic and elsewhere, mainly in Europe.

The manufacture and trade of counterfeit products is a growing global problem that increasingly affects all brands and all markets. The manufacture and sale of counterfeit SKF products and other bearing brands in the marketplace is not only illegal but also puts end customers at a major risk, since they purchase and use these items thinking that they have received genuine products. The use of counterfeit SKF products in an application can, in a worst-case scenario, put the user, employees and the public at serious safety risk, or result in shorter service life, poor product quality or damage to equipment.

Tom Johnstone, President and CEO of SKF, says: "Our commitment to fight both the manufacture of counterfeit products and the trade in them is not only about protecting the SKF brand; it is also about protecting our customers and the public from a potentially serious safety risk and from being cheated into paying for a genuine SKF product and being supplied a fake alternative.

"We are actively and persistently working on this internally, with the World Bearing Association, and with local law enforcement authorities to ensure that manufacturers and traders of counterfeit products are revealed and brought to justice. In this particular case it is very good to see that our commitment pays off."

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