Unusual compressed air applications shown on free DVD

23 July 2009

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Unusual compressed air applications shown on free DVDAtlas Copco Compressors is offering a free DVD that features ten 'mini films' of unusual compressed air applications from around the world. The films last less than five minutes each but are an entertaining and instructional insight into how different industries approach their compressed air problems.

The DVD covers a broad cross-section of industries from a paint shop in an automotive facility to petrochemical and process engineering. One example is a film from France that focuses on a vineyard that uses a variable-speed drive compressor with integrated dryers for traditional uses such as the bottling process while also embracing advanced technology by utilising Atlas Copco's nitrogen generation units to chase oxygen from the bottles before filling and corking.

Alongside the films from Turkey, Russia, Switzerland and India are several applications from the UK. The first, filmed on a dairy farm, looks at how oil-free air compressors provide the peace of mind that the user requires by delivering ISO 8573-1 Class 0 air to ensure all of the dairy's products are fit for consumption with zero spoilage attributable to compressed air. The second clip, filmed at Knauf in Liverpool, illustrates how the Atlas Copco AirConnect online monitoring system allows the system pressure band to be regulated remotely as part of an effective energy-saving installation.

Speaking about the DVD, John Forman, Communications Manager from Atlas Copco, said: "We know that people like to read about how others are solving problems with compressed air and this DVD is one stage further than that. The mini films are produced to a very high standard and while no-one is pretending that we have a Hollywood blockbuster on our hands, I think those people looking for innovative ideas will be both informed and entertained."

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