Burkert and BBS-Systems partner for hygienic processing

06 August 2009

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Burkert and BBS-Systems AG of Switzerland have formed an alliance that offers combined competence and a single source for specific system in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical and food market sectors. The alliance provides a synergy of Burkert's valve, sensor, process control, hazardous area and specialist products with BBS's sterile range of ancillary piping, flanges, connectors, indicators, sampling systems and vessel equipment.

Paul Trevitt, General Manager for Burkert UK, states: "This alliance is a major strategic move for Burkert. It is a vertical integration of our products and systems knowledge with those of BBS, enabling us to go farther down the systems route in providing customised hygienic processing solutions to the high-tech pharma and biotechnology sectors.

"BBS-Systems has special knowledge, versatility, flexibility and outstanding know-how in the sphere of hygienic processing. It was a natural step, therefore, to join with Burkert in a unique partnership which provides mechanical and instrumentation systems and products that were previously unattainable from a single source."

BBS-Systems AG has a comprehensive manufacturing facility in Wil (ZH) in Switzerland, and over 20 years of hygienic processing experience. The company's product range has distinctive characteristics to meet all the demands of high-quality process applications, complying with all relevant FDA, BPE and BGA standards. It comprises crevice- and bacteria trap-free sterile components that ensure consistent and controlled flow to maximise product quality.

In the environment of hygiene processing, where compactness, smart communications, plant footprints, cleaning and sterilization, dead legs, cross-contamination and validation are everyday concerns, the Burkert–BBS alliance is claimed to deliver higher process efficiency and higher yields by offering 'unlimited process modularity.' Throughout the sterile process area, the scope of systems and components from the alliance covers all the different application environments, whilst working harmoniously together to provide a totally reliable plant.

The key market sub-segments that the alliance is targeting with its new modular systems approach are water treatment, steam and heat transfer, cleaning-in-place (CIP), fermentation, downstream processing, batching and mixing, filling, steam production, bulk chemical delivery and waste neutralisation.

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