Guidance through the uncertainty surrounding EN 954-1

28 September 2009

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Guidance through the uncertainty surrounding EN 954-1Given the current uncertainty over EN 954-1 and whether or not it will give presumption of conformity to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC from 29 December 2009, Laidler Associates is reminding control system and machine builders, importers and those involved in refurbishing machinery that it can provide unbiased advice and, where required, support for engineers working to EN 954-1 or the newer standard EN ISO 13849-1. At the time of writing, EN ISO 13849-1 is due to replace EN 954-1 from the end of 2009, though the European Commission may yet agree a full or partial extension to the transition period when the machinery Working Group meets in early December.

Even if the EN 954-1 transition period is extended, machine builders need to be aware that this standard does not cover complex control equipment such as programmable safety systems. Relying on EN 954-1 as a way of demonstrating that all necessary obligations have been met in relation to control system safety is therefore likely to be unwise where programmable systems are involved, and the same is true for certain other machine and component types.

Laidler Associates provides consultancy services relating to EN 954-1, EN ISO 13849-1, EN (IEC) 62061 and other machinery safety standards. In addition, the company has developed a University Certificate in Professional Development (UCPD) in Machinery Safety, runs free Machinery Safety Seminars, can deliver tailored training courses and has published a free Practical Guide to Machinery Safety. Whatever your needs in relation to machinery safety, compliance with standards and meeting regulatory requirements, Laidler Associates says it has the expertise to help.

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