Drives and automation CD catalogue contains 7000 pages

03 November 2009

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Drives and automation CD catalogue contains 7000 pagesLenze has an extensive range of drives and automation products, all of which are contained in 7000 pages of PDFs, representing 67 product catalogues, on a new CD-Rom. To make navigation easier (some of the catalogues contain over 800 pages) the PDF files are bookmarked and the data is indexed under eight headings. These include servo and automation, motors and geared motors.

Meanwhile, follow these quick links for introductory information:

In addition, from the Techdrives range:

As well as product data, the CD also contains instruction sheets covering installation and maintenance or, in the case of the Lenze drives and automation products, links to access instruction sheets online.

To request a copy of the CD, email (please mention

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