End of Life (EOL) announced for some Intel processors

19 January 2010

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Kontron UK reports that Intel has advised it that the Pentium M processor range and Intel 852/855GME chipsets have now been moved to official End Of Life (EOL) status. Consequently, Kontron's range of Pentium M processor-based embedded boards and motherboards, and any boards based on the Intel 852/855GME chipsets, will be moved to a Last Time Buy (LTB) and Last Time to Ship (LTS) status.

Kontron's embedded motherboard and SBC manufacturing division has confirmed the LTB and LTS status of the following products:

  • 886LCD M/Flex, M/ATX, M/mITX, ATXu(GV) range of motherboards
  • 786LCD/mITX range of motherboards
  • AGP-ADD module
  • ADD-DVI range of add-in graphics boards
  • MOPS-PM embedded SBC
  • JRex-PM embedded SBC
  • coolMONSTER/PM embedded SBC

For more detailed product information and part numbers please contact your Kontron UK account manager or the Kontron UK technical support department at .

LTB purchase orders for affected products will be accepted up to 31 August 2010, with LTS deliveries and schedules until 31 August 2012. Kontron expects strong demand for these products and will fulfil orders on a first-come, first-served basis. Other Kontron manufacturing divisions will be announcing the LTB and LTS status of their product lines shortly.

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